About Eve




About Eve. Hello, I'm Eve Mark and my life is musical.About Eve

Hello, I’m Eve Mark.


Basically, My life’s vocation is music, and I’m happy to share what I know with you!

Besides, I have lots to share:

  • Trained in music, piano and voice, performed in competitions and festivals since childhood.
  • Performed as a soloist in my first oratorio when I was 15.
  • Trained in music, piano and voice in Edmonton, Durham N.C., Vancouver and Comox.
  • Lifelong experience in the performing arts.
  • Worked in drama, stagecraft, music theater, television & opera.
  • Performed as both a rock and folk singer to boot!

In addition, I’ve been both a member and director of many performing community and church choirs. The fulfillment I get from the privilege of teaching people what I love, means the world to me.

Seeing my students’ skills and  confidence grow, their  vocal range increase, and their performance abilities develop, brings me great satisfaction. My students have opportunities to participate in 4 -5 studio recitals per year, and two music festivals, as well as studio workshops, and social gatherings.

When students get the support they need to truly enjoy their progress, sing and play their
hearts out, I witness their growth along with their friends and families.

I love to participate in the Canada Day celebrations at the Sid Williams Theater, and with Elevate the Arts, performing as the Comox Valley’s  Aria Diva.  I am also honoured to perform at fundraisers, weddings, memorials, and at annual concerts with my peers.

My home and Studio in the Old Orchard near Downtown Courtenay, is centrally located and I share it with my sweet husband Peter, artist/designer daughter Christine and aerial artist and grandchild Violet Jade.

Besides tending to my garden, and apple trees, I am actively involved in my community, nurturing and supporting the plentiful talent we have in the Comox Valley. As the Director of Music at St. George’s United Church, I direct the choir, and congregational singing throughout the year. With my coworkers I create musical outreach programs – and opportunities for my students and other musicians in the community to offer their talents as musicians and singers.